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Kraken Smart Housing V2 PRO (w/ Depth/Temp Sensor)

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Brand new from Kraken - the Pro version - universal smart phone UW housing!

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It’s finally here…the latest version of Kraken's popular universal smart phone housing! Many small updates bring our Smart Housing V2.0 up-to-date to be able to fit most phones on the market, large and small. Kraken has redesigned the electronics to better protect them from water accidentally dripping inside. The housing is now powered by an 18650 Lithium ion battery that will ALSO charge your phone while it’s in the case (small custom charging cables included). The Smart Housing V2.0 still includes a vacuum port to ensure your device is safe inside before you get in the water and an accessory track built in for an optional sliding red filter. Depth rated to 280′.
The Pro version of the housing includes depth and temperature sensors you can choose to display on the screen while diving, and an automatic dive log will be created each time you dive.
Maximum phone dimensions for the housing are 175mm x 8mm. The housing will fit (as of Feb. 2023): – All currently iPhone models (including the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max) – All Google Pixel Phones (including Pixel 7 Pro) – All Samsung Galaxy Phones

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review