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Scubapro Crystal Vu Plus Mask with Purge

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$109.00 - $136.00
The most important consideration in mask selection is fit. Since no two faces are alike, SCUBAPRO devotes an exceptional amount of development time to accommodate individual differences.

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The most basic difference in masks lies in the number of lenses. Single-lens masks were the first developed and remain a popular choice worldwide because they provide a broad, uninterrupted view. Two lens masks are typically lower in internal volume than single-lens masks and quicker to clear. Almost all modern mask skirts are made of silicone, with the primary differences being the quality and suppleness of the material, and its color. A majority of divers prefer masks with clear silicone skirts which let in the maximum amount of light. Those who tend to focus on a single object, (photographers, underwater surveyors, free divers) will choose a dark skirt to avoid the distracting glare from external light.

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    Scubapro with purge a winner!

    Posted by C. Donovan - via Amazon on Jun 24th 2015

    Having the purge built in took some getting used to, but overall loved the mask! Great fit and feel, highly recommend the product. About half what the local shops are asking in cost as well, an added bonus.

  • 5
    Scuba Dave

    Posted by David K - via Amazon on Jun 24th 2015

    Excellent product. I like the full 180 degree visibility, the glass lense, the purge valve and the comfortable strap.

  • 5
    Best I every owned

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 24th 2015

    I heard they quit making this mask with a purge valve in it, if so...too bad. IMO, and my GF's, best we have ever used...and I have a stack of ones we didn't like. We did replace the straps with the velcro \"\"slap straps(?)\"\","Patrick F \"From Amazon

  • 5
    Big Bad John

    Posted by BigB - via Amazon on Jun 24th 2015

    I just got this mask and have snorkeled in it 2 times. I have a medium size face and the mask seals very good. I was able to equalize with the nose piece without any difficulty. The mask did fog some during the first use, but I probably didn't do a good job of cleaning the \"new\" off of the glass. I haven't made a dive in the mask so I can only rate it based on snorkeling.

  • 5
    Great mask, great fit

    Posted by Colleen G - via Amazon on Jun 24th 2015

    This mask is one of the best that Scubaporo has ever made. I have an old tri-view with purge that is huge and very uncomfortable. This mask is light and fits well on my narrow face. The seal is great, and I have struggled for years to find a mask to fit. I teach SCUBA, so my mask is always getting knocked around while my hands and attention is occupied- a quick exhale out of my nose and my mask is clear. LOVE IT!!!

  • 5
    Five Stars

    Posted by T. Cotton - via Amazon on Jun 24th 2015

    Just right for my wife's narrow face.

  • 5
    Five Stars

    Posted by Lisa - via Amazon on Jun 24th 2015

    Great mask.

  • 5
    Sealed my deal when other couldn't

    Posted by C. S. Bastian - via Amazon on Jun 24th 2015

    excellent fit, and seal. I have problems with masks sealing well on my face. This one was the one I chose after much research. Works good to this day, though I take excellent care of my gear. Mustaches make all masks difficult to seal.

  • 4
    Great mask, not sure about the valve

    Posted by Dominic L. - via Amazon on Jun 24th 2015

    The mask is good quality, fits well and overall a great fitting product, with one issue. The valve that is below the nose was extreamly uncomfortable after awhile. The first dive I did in this mask I was down for about 50 minutes. 30 minutes into it my upper lip and nose was sore. I found myself on subsequent dives pulling at the nose piece to lift the valve from my face. Overall I love the mask, but if I had to do it again I would get the same mask without the valve in it!