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SSI Assistant Instructor Course

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There is a demand for people who have a passion for diving and want to share that passion with others. The Assistant Instructor is a combination Dive Guide, Divemaster, and Assistant Instructor. As a rule of thumb, in the Dive Guide and Divemaster roles you are directly responsible for and work primarily with certified divers. As an Assistant Instructor, you will help Instructors manage students under water, set up classrooms, and move equipment. In addition to assisting, you can actually teach classroom and pool skills under the indirect supervision of an SSI Open Water Instructor, and independently conduct Scuba Skills Updates, Try Scuba, and Perfect Buoyancy programs. Group management, leadership level diving and stress recognition skills are vital to the Assistant Instructor role. Also, Assistant Instructors build valuable experience toward becoming Instructors themselves someday. They can even look forward to teaching continuing education programs as an SSI Training Specialist.