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Fins are one of the four pieces of equipment you need to buy when you first start to scuba dive, along with your mask, snorkel and boots. Slipping into a pair of fins is like strapping a paddle to your feet. Each kick is magnified by the broader surface area of the fin blade. There are two important components to a fin purchase: One, you must have your fin sized correctly; and two, you must use the type of fin that is needed for your water-related activity. Snorkeling fins are less powerful than scuba diving fins, but free-diving fins are more powerful yet. Sizing a fin is not only a measure of your shoe size. You must consider what you are going to wear under the fin. Your choices range from a thin neoprene sock to an almost-endless variety of boot. Some of our fins even have a larger foot pocket to enable you to use them with your drysuit boot. Every variety of fin sold at Dolphin Scuba Center comes in a range of prices, ensuring that we can match you with the perfect fin for you! This is a quick breakdown of the types of fins we offer, along with their possible uses:

Full-Foot Fins: These fins tend to be smaller and are typically made with a more flexible material. They are best suited for snorkeling and warm water diving where you will not face challenging currents in addition to not wearing bulkier suits required of coldwater diving. These fins should be used over a thin neoprene or nylon sock to avoid wear on your feet. Dolphin Scuba Center has an excellent full-foot fin; the Storm Caribe, a lightweight, reliable, comfortable fin that is reasonably priced.

Open-Heel Fins: These fins are generally larger and stiffer than the full-foot fins. The open-heel design also allows for a greater variety of boot styles, ranging from the thinner warm-water boots all the way up to the rock boot that is so popular on drysuits today. Open-heel fins are held on the foot with either an adjustable strap or a spring, each of which can be released with a minimum of effort. These larger, stiffer fins allow the user to push bulkier exposure suits and heavier gear through the water without any additional effort. Dolphin Scuba Center showcases the Typhoon Pro II Exceed fin for the diver on a budget. For a diver who wants slightly better quality, the moderately-priced Oceanic Viper or Scubapro Jetsport would be perfect. Of course, Dolphin is proud to offer the highest quality fins in the form of either the Oceanic V-12 or the every-popular ScubaPro Seawing Nova.

Free-Diving Fins: Free-diving fins are traditionally longer than the average open-heel fin. The longer blade offers the free-diver the extra push needed to free-dive with the minimum of effort. With their extraordinary length and extra bulk, these fins are not recommended for recreational scuba diving. Dolphin Scuba Center offers Riffe's Open Heel Fin to fill the free-diving niche.