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SeaLife Flex-Connect Buoyancy Floatation Rings - Set of Four

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Balance your underwater camera setup easier diving and peace of mind!

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Make your underwater camera rig more balanced and easier to handle with these Buoyancy Floatation Rings from SeaLife. Simply slip the high-density foam rings over light arms and grips to add up to 5 ounces of buoyancy from each ring, making the rig lighter and more likely to stay upright. For example, a SeaLife SportDiver smartphone housing with two grips, two flex-arms, and two Sea Dragon 5000+ lights has 23 ounces of negative buoyancy. Adding four rings reduces the underwater weight of the camera setup to only 3 ounces of negative buoyancy. Add more rings to achieve positive buoyancy.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review